Saturday, May 8, 2021

Resident’s Corner

“There are so many great events taking place at Park La Brea. How many other communities care enough about our environment to host an Earth Day Celebration? Can’t wait to see what other great events will be held at Park La Brea!” – Resident, 4 1/2 years

“Park La Brea Apartments offer so much more than convenience to all the local shops and restaurants. Park La Brea is a great place for families to live. They offer children’s movie nights, art classes, parks and play areas, and don’t forget the annual Halloween festival! Most of the surrounding apartments cater to the corporate world, but Park La Brea welcomes everyone (pet owners, families, corporate rentals, etc.). Where is there a better place to live than Park La Brea where they offer a variety of things for everyone? I can see why they are referred to as an “Oasis” in the midst of a big city. Where else can you find towers with great views and garden homes surrounded by beautiful landscaping? Park La Brea is where it’s at!!!!!!”
Resident, 3 years

Food Fair by Diego – “I’ve passed by this place on several occasions trying to get to another location for lunch. One day their outside signage prompted me to step in for a fish taco special. My taste buds have been in love ever since. With flavors this tantalizing, I’m tempted to clone Diego and put him in my kitchen at home so I can enjoy the great flavors he combines on a daily basis. It’s great to find a place with amazing food, but to have amazing food at a price that won’t send you to the poor house is even better. Can’t wait for my next flavor experience!” – Debra Dobson

“The open green spaces at Park La Brea are great, especially when you have kids who need to run around to burn off energy! We also love being able to walk to the bank, The Grove, Farmer’s Market, the grocery stores, and even the museum. It’s a good central place to live.” – Kim Rudy

“There is no better place to live than Park La Brea. There are so many different modern styles of living. Everything you could imagine is within walking distance. If you have kids it’s the best place to be. There are very good schools surrounding the property. Park La Brea is a very unique and diverse place to live.” – Krystle Terry

“Where else can you work and have shopping in such close proximity? With The Grove across the street it has made my Christmas shopping so much easier.” – Debra Dobson

“There is nowhere else you can be other than Park La Brea and have everything right at your fingertips. Great shops, The Grove and restaurants. Not to mention, close to the beach and the snow! Nothing Better!” – Jamie Moe

“Where else can you live where there’s a dry cleaners within the community? I used to drop off my dry cleaning and dread picking it up! Now, I literally pick it up when I get home.” – Jamie Benefield

“I like looking out my windows and seeing all the trees around me. I like having the cleaners, video store and the Burnside Café at my front door. Having the museums and The Grove within walking distance is an added bonus. But most of all, I like being able to take my kids out for walks and enjoy the park.” – Guisela Guerra

“What I like about PLB is the convenience of having the gym and the great personal trainers who are always so nice. I also like the fact that there are several parks where my child can go out and play. It’s also nice to have two coffee shops within walking distance. No need to drive outside the property for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate!” – Mayra Balces

“Wow! Of all times for my car to majorly break down. I was really nervous at first thinking this is going to really dip into the holiday budget, but then I thought about my circumstances. I already walk to work because Park La Brea is so close, I have The Grove, Third Street shops, and Beverly Center for my holiday shopping. Whole Foods, CVS, and a Ralphs close by for my necessities. There are tons of restaurants and Busby’s nearby for my entertainment. I can walk! My car can wait until after the holidays. I love where I live!” – Carisa Magdaleno

“What’s amazing about our” town” like environment is it’s beauty and charm, and how easily you can walk to some of the most visited establishments in southern California. I must say a truly prime location. Where else can you take advantage of 166 acres of beautifully landscaped property that shapes this unique development. It’s an amazing visual experience that separates Park La Brea from everyone else. Don’t take my word for it, come on in and see it for yourself!” – Richard Maravalle

“One of my favorite things about living at Park La Brea is being in immediate striking distance of the Farmer’s Market. At a mere 10 minute walk, 2 minute drive, and with free parking, I find myself there multiple times a week. If you are buying your meat or produce at a large grocery store, you don’t know what you’re missing. Some of my favorite eateries and markets are listed below. Maraconda’s Meat MarketThis place is single handedly responsible for my high cholesterol. After buying their burger blend, I vouched to never buy ground beef or steaks from large grocery stores again. They also have an excellent selection of chops and steaks, as well as, hard to find Cajun items like Andouille sausage and Tasso ham. Prices on ground beef are far less expensive than large grocers and their prime steaks are priced very reasonably for the quality. Huntington MeatsThis butcher shop offers an excellent selection of sausages. For my taste, their Nancy Silverton burger blend is a close second to Maraconda’s, and their steaks are just as good. I also happen to love their tri-meat pre-made meatloaf blend and their selection of seasonings and Boars Head products. LoteriaIf you haven’t tried Loteria, don’t be discouraged by the long lines and give it a shot. I happen to love their tinga de pollo burrito or enchiladas. Adding sour cream is a must if you’re a fan. And their carnita nachos, while being slightly overpriced, are phenomenal. If you prefer a spicy salsa, ask for their salsa morita. Monsieur MarcelA great happy hour spot to catch up with friends and is known for their wine and fondue. They often have fresh baked baguettes throughout the day that you can buy for a buck or two. Just ask a server. Singapore’s Banana LeafIf you’re looking for a great curry, noodle, or rice dish, look no further. This place is amazing!!!” – Matt Jones

“Living at Park La Brea gives me a sense of belonging to a community! A great way to live in a crazy city!” – Bonnie Klein

“Can’t beat laying out at the pool in the dead of winter! I also love the convenience of The Grove for a quick bite to eat or shopping.” – Lee Holbrook

“I like living in Park La Brea because it is truly an oasis in the city. We have a friendly community with many worthwhile and fun activities. I particularly favor the Debi Doodles Kids Art Club, that I now run, having inherited in from its founder, Deborah Blum, over a year ago. The kids and their parents have a lot of fun, and I enjoy seeing their creativity. All kids and their parents are welcome to join us on the third Sunday of the month, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Park La Brea Activities Center, call 323-549-5458 for more information. Hope to see you soon!” – Debora Gillman

“Park La Brea has lots of different areas for people who love to stroll and relax after a long day. Walking through the property in the evenings has never been an issue. The sound of the children playing and enjoying life around property is awesome and makes it one of the more enjoyable places for me and my family to live.” – Temeka Merritt