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Join us at Hyperslow!

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PLB, join us at Hyperslow, right across the street at 5th and Fairfax.

The Hands-Down Top 10 Cookies in L.A. for Park La Brea!

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Click here for the list! 

Larchmont Farmers Market

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Hey PLB, check out the Larchmont Farmers Market. It is wonderful and very close to Park La Brea. The hours are every Sunday from 10am until 2pm. Cool place to go and have brunch!

The Veterans Project

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Get ready PLB!

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Park La Brea Residents, take a short drive to discover a world of knowledge about the TITANIC

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Lake Tahoe

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Enjoy the amazing environment of Lake Tahoe all year round for Park La Brea!

Click here for more information. 

LACMA Art + Film Gala This Weekend

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On Saturday, November 4, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) will celebrate the annual Art+Film Gala honoring artist Mark Bradford and filmmaker George Lucas. Proceeds from the annual Art+Film Gala will be used to support LACMA’s initiative to make film more central to the museum’s curatorial programming, while also funding LACMA’s broader mission. This includes exhibitions, acquisitions, and educational programming, in addition to screenings that explore the intersection of art and film.

In preparation for the gala, we will be closing the museum early on Saturday, November 4. Please note that the west campus will close at 1 pm and the east campus will close at 3 pm. Guest arrival for the gala will begin at approximately 6 pm on the south side of Sixth Street. The eastbound lanes of Sixth Street between Fairfax Avenue and Curson Avenue will be closed beginning at 5:30 pm and reopening by midnight.

Having learned from previous gala events, we have taken some special measures to sufficiently prepare for this extra traffic. We plan to have LADOT officers on hand to ensure safe traveling conditions around the museum.

We want to ensure that you, as our neighbor and friend of the museum, have a direct line of communication should you have any concerns or comments on the day of November 4. If you have any questions about this or any other museum-related issues, you also reach out to Doug Leonhardt, Director of Onsite Services, during business hours (M–F, 9:30 am–6 pm) at 323 857-4716. If the matter is urgent, please do not hesitate to contact his cell at 206 437-5059.

Halloween in Marina Del Rey

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Park la Brea, this is a great time to try fun recipes!

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