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4 Interesting Facts About Guitarist Eric Clapton

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Often regarded as one of the best guitarists of all time, Eric Clapton has been a fixture in the music world since the 1960s. From his time in bands to his years as a solo artist, Clapton has received critical and commercial acclaim all around the world. Here are a few highlights from his incredibly successful musical career.

  1. Eric Clapton played in a number of different bands before reaching success as a solo singer and songwriter. He got his start playing in London clubs with future members of the Rolling Stones, and he later played in the Yardbirds, Cream, Blind Faith, and Derek and the Dominos.
  2. Following the breakup of his wildly successful band Cream, Clapton formed the band Blind Faith. They released only one album and had one disastrous American tour before breaking up.
  3. Clapton’s next band, Derek and the Dominos, put out what would become one of the most critically acclaimed albums in rock history, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs. The album was dedicated entirely to Clapton’s unrequited love interest Pattie Boyd, the wife of the Beatles’ George Harrison.
  4. After numerous successful solo albums, Clapton was named the fourth greatest guitarist of all time by Rolling Stone magazine, won 18 Grammy awards, and became the only person to ever be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times.

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How to Plant and Grow a Terrarium at Park La Brea

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You’ve likely seen stylish terrariums filling the pages of all of your favorite interior design catalogs, but did you know that these unique gardens are also very easy to make at home? Here are just a few simple ways to create your own terrarium and add a bit of greenery to your rental at Park La Brea!

  1. Whether you choose a small, round terrarium that you can hang from the ceiling or a larger, tank-style option for very large creations, you’ll want to choose something in a durable class that will enable you to see the plants through the sides.
  2. Add a layer of small stones or pebbles to the bottom of the terrarium for proper water drainage. This should measure about one-inch thick.
  3. Add another one-inch layer of activated charcoal on top of that for a finer drainage system.
  4. Top it off with a 1.5-inch layer of sphagnum moss to hold the soil in place and prevent it from sliding into the pebbles.
  5. Take a soil designed especially for terrariums and pre-moisten it using a spray bottle of water. Add a thick layer of three to four inches on top of everything.
  6. Remove pot-bound roots from your plants and add them to the soil. You may need to divide the plant into sections if it’s too big to fit the scale of the terrarium.
  7. Decorate with rocks and other accessories.

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How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea

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Even if you drink tea every day, you may not be brewing it properly. Don’t sweat it, however; simply read up on these simple tips for brewing the perfect cuppa.

  • For hot teas, such as black tea, you’ll want to first bring cold, filtered water to a boil to ensure the best possible taste. Add the tea bag to the cup first, and then gently pour the now-boiling water on top of it, using wide circular motions. Let the tea brew for three to five minutes, no more, and then serve with milk, sugar or by itself.
  • For large batches of iced teas, bring one quart of cold water to a rolling boil in a pot or kettle. Remove it from the stove and add eight to ten tea bags, depending on how dark you like your tea. Let it brew for three to five minutes, and then immediately pour it over a large quantity of ice cubes. You’ll also want to pop the whole thing in the refrigerator to get it completely cold.
  • For green tea, there is an entirely unique process. Because this tea is much more delicate, it can easily burn. Once the water starts boiling, you’ll want to let it sit for about 10 minutes to cool off. Then, pour it over the tea bag and let it brew for just one minute before serving.

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Update Your Wardrobe by Hosting a Clothing Swap at Park La Brea! Here’s How!

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Wondering what to do with all of those clothes that you just don’t wear anymore? Many thrifty fashion lovers nowadays are starting to host clothing swaps, during which groups of friends get together to trade their gently worn clothes, shoes, and even accessories. Do something good for your budget and even for the environment by using these tips to host your own clothing swap at Park La Brea!

  1. Decide on the perfect group. Choose a manageable group that you can fit comfortably inside of your home. While you don’t want to go overboard with people, you’ll likely want to invite at least three or four friends to ensure ample swapping opportunities.
  2. Send out detailed invites. Be sure to describe how the swap will work and exactly how many items to bring in your invitation, email, or text message.
  3. Create a comfortable swapping area. Set up an area in your living room or other common space where you can set up chairs, snacks, and other essentials. Designate a spare room as a "changing room."
  4. Take the reins. Since many of your guests have likely never done a swap before, get things started by demonstrating how to browse the clothes and swap for items. You may even want to give people a limit on how many items they can take home.
  5. Bring refreshments. Once the swap is done, keep the mood light by socializing over snacks and drinks.

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Easy and Effective Ways to Combat Stress

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Everyone gets stressed out from time to time, but if it starts to interfere with your day-to-day life, you could be dealing with something a bit more serious. The next time you start to feel those overwhelming feelings creeping on you, try these simple tips for combating stress naturally.

  • Don’t let it go too far. It’s much easier to manage stress when it first begins than when it starts to spiral out of control, so watch out for the warning signs early. If you can tell that it’s going to be a stressful week, prepare in advance so that you can manage your tasks without becoming overwhelmed.
  • Address the physical side effects. While stress itself is mental, its side effects are often physical. When you start to get jittery or your feel your heart racing, do some relaxing stretches, practice breathing exercises, or simply close your eyes and count to 10 to counteract those feelings.
  • Watch your diet. Before you start stress eating or grabbing unhealthy fast food while rushing to work, stop and plan your meals. What you eat can have a big impact on your mental state, so be sure to try to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins to stay energized. Try to steer clear of caffeine!
  • Do something silly. Take a break from life (even if it’s just for five minutes) to laugh at a silly video or dance it out. Sometimes that’s all you need!

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Home Beauty Treatments You Can Make Yourself

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Nothing feels better than getting a facial or a fresh blowout, but unfortunately, these types of beauty treatments can be pretty pricey. Luckily, you can mimic their results in your own home at Park La Brea, often by using common items that you already have. Here are a few rejuvenating beauty treatments that you can make yourself.

  1. Create a nourishing hair mask that restores each strand by combining common foods from the refrigerator. Simply mix together one egg yolk, one tablespoon of mayonnaise, 1/4 of an avocado, and two tablespoons of olive oil, and then let the mask sit on your hair for one hour before rinsing.
  2. Give yourself an at-home sugar scrub that sloughs off dead skin and leaves your body feeling smooth and rejuvenated. Combine equal parts coconut oil and brown sugar with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, then rub it all over the next time you’re in the shower.
  3. Do a DIY facial using a mashed banana mixed with two tablespoons of heavy cream, one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of flour, and one tablespoon of water. Let the mask sit on your face for 10 minutes before rinsing. The banana reduces redness and adds smoothness, while the heavy cream is very soothing and leaves a soft, supple feeling behind.

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In Celebration of the New Year: No Construction Jan 1-3!

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Easy and Elegant Holiday Party Appetizers

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Are you planning a festive holiday gathering on a budget? No matter how much you have to spend, you can add an elegant flair to any holiday bash by planning some creative, gourmet appetizers for guests to grab throughout the evening. Here are three great hors d’oeuvres ideas just in time for all of your winter gatherings.

Spinach and Goat Cheese Tartlets []
Give the usual spinach dip a modern makeover in the form of miniature tartlets that look perfectly elegant lined up on a silver platter. Use creamy goat cheese to give these small bites a rich flavor, then bake for just 15 minutes.

Baked Prosciutto and Brie with Apple Butter []
Nothing tastes more like winter than spiced apples, and although they’re usually used in the form of a dessert, this unique recipe turns this versatile fruit into a sweet and salty appetizer. The combination of thin Italian prosciutto and savory brie cheese on crusty bread is truly delicious.

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail []
For a unique twist on classic shrimp cocktail, this recipe combines Mexican spices, zesty veggies and sliced avocado to create a dip that perfectly complements more traditional holiday dishes. Serve it with tortilla chips for a truly low-maintenance appetizer.

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Where to Shop Holiday Hostess Gifts

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So, you were invited to a holiday party, but now you’re unsure about what to purchase for the party’s hostess. Although you’re certainly not required to give a pricey present, it is polite to give a small token of your gratitude for the fun gathering. Here are a few great sites filled with gift ideas for the holiday hostess.

Mark and Graham
Mark and Graham’s hostess gift selection includes a number of seasonal goodies that can all be completely personalized. From leather-wrapped cocktail shakers to rustic coasters and linen dinner napkins, these monogrammed gifts will be a hit at any holiday party.

Jonathan Adler
The popular interior designer is beloved for his modern, stylish home décor collections, and his website includes a number of gift suggestions at any price range. Browse candles scented like your favorite cocktails, plush throw blankets and much more.

If your hostess has more of a rustic, vintage-inspired style, Terrain is the perfect place to shop for a thoughtful thank-you gift. The site features trendy plants and topiaries to brighten up any home, as well as soaps, candles and cheese boards ideal for future get-togethers. Whether your budget is large or small, Topiary’s gifts also come at price ranges that just about anyone can afford.

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