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Need Help Moving?

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Where to Shop Monogrammed Gifts Online

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Whether you're shopping for yourself or a friend, a monogram instantly transforms an ordinary gift into a keepsake. Here are two places to shop monogrammed items online.

1) Mark and Graham
Chic and classic personalized gifts are the focus of this online-only retailer, a sibling brand to Williams-Sonoma, West Elm, and Pottery Barn. Shop initial pendants and wristlets for her, monogrammed tech cases and pocket squares for him—even customizable leashes and collars for Fido. Note that Mark and Graham's sibling brands also offer personalized gift items.

3) 2PreppyGirls.com
The web presence of this online retailer is rooted in "Southern charm and a love of all things pink and green." If your style skews preppy, you'll be delighted to peruse everything from monogrammed flip flops, aprons, and belt buckles to beach towels, car decals, and coasters.

Construction Notice: March 28 – April 23, Wilshire/Fairfax

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Melrose Hair Studio

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I have been trying to find a really good stylist close to Park La Brea Apartments for a really long time. I found Melrose Hair Studio less than 10 minutes from Park La Brea.

My stylist's name is Lakesha. She is amazing. She does all types of hair textures. If you are blond, brunette or a red head she can take great care of your hair! They are even open on Sundays! Lakesha has 4 of us here in the leasing office as clients. My stylist uses a lot of natural and healthy products. So far my hair has not been breaking or falling out.

2 Helpful Websites for Luxury Car Enthusiasts

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The combination of speed and beauty makes luxury car brands like Bugatti, Maserati, and BMW covetable among car enthusiasts around the world. Whether you own one of these priceless automobiles or you’re simply a luxury car admirer, these informative and image-heavy websites will provide hours of eye candy for gear heads of all ages.

Motor Authority
Just like the name implies, the Motor Authority website is a respected authority for every type of luxury car on the market today. This site is filled with the latest news about new automobile models from Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, and more, and it also features detailed reviews to give readers the most information possible before purchasing a new luxury vehicle. Motor Authority is a great resource for locating auto shows around the country as well, and the site’s Spy Shots section even allows visitors to take a sneak peek at prototypes of car models that haven’t been released yet.

U.S. News Rankings and Reviews
If you’re simply looking for detailed rankings of the world’s leading luxury cars without all of the extra features, the U.S. News’ Car Rankings page is one of the very best resources. This informative website ranks cars priced at $60,000 or more in order based on a consensus of the top automobile experts in the country and other safety and reliability data. The rankings take into consideration each car’s handling, braking, comfort, cargo space, critics’ ratings, awards, and many other features that might help car owners decide which model is best for them.

Daylight Savings Time

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Check Out These 6 Tips for Baking the Perfect Cookies

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Leave the grocery store frozen cookie dough behind in favor of something fresh, homemade, and much more flavorful. Making cookies from scratch is much easier than you may think, and if you follow a few simple guidelines, it doesn’t take much extra time, either. Here are some quick tips for making wonderful-tasting cookies at home.

  1. Don’t skimp on ingredients. If a recipe calls for something unusual or specific, it’s likely because it’s important.
  2. Always use pure forms of base ingredients. That means unsalted butter, large eggs, and pure vanilla extract.
  3. Use parchment paper instead of cooking spray. Parchment paper creates much less mess to clean up, and it prevents your cookies from burning.
  4. Adjust baking times to your unique preferences. If you prefer soft, chewy cookies, shave off a minute or two. If you like a crunchy cookie, add an extra minute.
  5. Place cookies approximately two inches apart. If you place them too close together on the baking pan, your cookies will melt together and lose their nice, round shape.
  6. For bar cookies, make sure you use the pan size indicated. It can be difficult to adjust the cooking time depending on the pan size, so it’s always smart to go with the size that the recipe specifies.

Sip a Latte at These Independent Coffeeshops in Los Angeles

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If you’re looking for the perfect spot for a morning meeting or to catch up with friends, Los Angeles’s many independent coffee shops are charming alternatives to the large chain options. Here are just two great indie coffee houses in the L.A. area.

Balconi Coffee Company
Located in L.A.’s Sawtelle neighborhood, Balconi Coffee Company is an art-filled coffee shop with bright red walls and comfortable seating. Balconi uses a unique siphon process to brew each roast, and though it takes a bit longer than typical brewing, it’s well worth it once you take that first sip. Regulars love the Almond Essence latte, but the menu also includes a variety of more traditional espresso drinks as well. Whether you prefer black coffee with subtle undertones or a milky latte to wake you up in the morning, Balconi Coffee Company's baristas can craft it with true expertise.

Spring for Coffee
Spring for Coffee sources all of its beans from high quality roasters to ensure the best tasting cup, and it offers a wide variety of brewing methods and equipment to meet each customer’s individual preferences. The shop itself is located in bustling downtown Los Angeles, and its interior is very quaint and cozy. The long wooden bar features a few pastries in addition to its coffees, and the stylish, comfortable outdoor seating is perfect for a sunny California afternoon.


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CarStories.com is counting down the Top 10 most liked, shared, tweeted, and clicked on posts from 2014. Every day, between now and the first of the year, we’ll reveal in order the most popular stories of 2014.

CarStories.com is the Petersen's daily output of car news, interviews, exhibit and event information, and everything else from around the automotive world!

Top 10 CarStories of 2014

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"CarStories.com is counting down the most liked, shared, tweeted, and clicked on posts from 2014. Every day, between now and the first of the year, we’ll reveal in order the most popular stories of 2014."

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