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Film Buzz: Fascinating Facts About People Who Make Movies

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It takes a lot more than some actors and a camera to make a movie. There’s a veritable army of people behind the scenes working their tails off to get things done. Here are some fun factoids about the many people that make movie magic happen.

Penny Marshall was the first female director to break the $100 million box office glass ceiling with her comedy hit Big. Since then, many other woman directors have accomplished the feat.

When Stanley Kubrick was shooting his horror masterpiece The Shining, he was worried about traumatizing child actor Danny Lloyd with some of the movie’s more graphic scenes, so he shot them separately and went to great trouble to edit them in later. Lloyd didn’t know he’d been in a horror film until he was 14.

Clint Eastwood gave his mother a cameo in his Western classic Unforgiven, and she suffered through a day of shooting in a bulky frontier dress only to be cut out in the editing room by her own son.

Director Quentin Tarantino broke into Hollywood while working at Video Archives, a rental store in Manhattan Beach. He met producer Lawrence Bender at a party and fast-talked him into paying for a screenplay that would become True Romance.

Before Martin Scorsese decided to pursue film, his family had hoped that he would enter the priesthood.

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