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Treat Yourself to a Famous Original Tommy’s Chili Cheese Burger

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Original Tommy’s seems to satisfy a taste deeply embedded in our gastronomic genes.  For chili cheeseburgers and chili cheese fries, this is the place. Sure, there are also hot dogs and tamales on the menu.  But when you’re zoning into fast grilled pleasure with onions, oozing real cheese, tomatoes, pickles and chili, nothing else quite does the trick. The chili is abundant and amazing, unless you decline it. But many folks get extra.

Tommy’s “shack” has been at it since 1946. And this institution does it right—your food is ready as soon as you’ve finished paying for it, and you can eat casually at the stand-up counters, where realistic paper towel dispensers substitute for silly napkins. Plus, there are locations all over California, so no matter where you are in the Golden State, you can get your Original Tommy’s fix—see for yourself here.

Original Tommy’s Hamburgers
2575 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(626) 357-9201

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