Friday, May 27, 2016

Park La Brea Fitness Tip of the week

Hey Park La Brea Residents, here is a fitness tip of the week from Park La Brea Fitness. Many of us love milk but do not like the added calories, saturated fats or cholesterol that comes from drinking whole milk. If you love milk like me but do not like the bad things try one of these healthier alternatives:

Almond milk is made from ground almonds and is lower in calories than other milks as long as it is unsweetened. It’s also free of cholesterol, saturated fat, and is naturally lactose free. Even though almonds are a good source of protein, almond milk is not. Almond milk is also not a good source of calcium. However, many of the brands available in the market are supplemented with calcium as well as vitamin D.

The 3 Best Things About Almond Milk

1. It’s low in calories and contains no saturated fat or cholesterol.

2. It’s good source of vitamins A and D.

3. It’s naturally lactose free.

The 3 Best Things About Soy Milk

1. It’s a good source of protein, vitamin A, B12, vitamin D, and potassium.

2. Soy milk contains almost as much protein as cow's milk, yet is lower in calories than whole milk and comparable to skim milk.

3. It contains no cholesterol, which is important for those with heart conditions.

Rice milk is made from milled rice and water. It is the least allergenic of all of these products, which makes it a good choice for people with lactose or nut allergies. While rice milk can be fortified with calcium and vitamin D, it is not a natural source of either of these, just like soy and almond.

The 3 Best Things About Rice Milk

1. It’s the least allergenic of milk alternatives.

2. It can be fortified to be a good source of calcium.

3. Rice milk can be used by vegans.

Try one of these alternatives and let us know what you think and visit us at for more information about the Park La Brea Fitness Center and Pools.

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