Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pic Art Exhibit 2014

Great turnout for the Debbie Doodles Art Display in the Activity Center last night. It seems we have some future Picassos and Van Goghs in our young artists!



Geffen Playhouse: See Live Theatre in Los Angeles

The historic building that houses the Geffen Playhouse was originally constructed in 1929 to serve as a clubhouse for UCLA students and alumni. Today, Los Angeles theatre-goers can stroll through the building's charming central courtyard and admire the restored tile fountain during intermission, or thrill to the more recent theatrical history that has been made inside the Playhouse's walls.

The Geffen Playhouse has been the recipient of more than 40 regional theatre awards, and it's played host to performances by many internationally known actors over the years. The theater space itself has an intimate feel, and every seat provides a good view of the stage.

Visit the Geffen Playhouse's website to see a calendar of upcoming performances!

Geffen Playhouse
10886 Le Conte Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 208-5454